My perfect day

My perfect day

1. To be awakened by a wonderful dream with solutions to all my problems.
2. My favourite song is playing on the radio when I turn it on.
3. My entourage waiting to greet me...(just my two shit-zus excited about their morning walk)
3. An invigorating morning workout.
4. A relaxing shower.
5. The smell of roasted coffee beans.
6. A hearty breakfast.
7. A meaningful blog comment in my mailbox.
8. An inspiring movie.
9. Surprise snail mail from a friend living in another country.
10. A text message on my cellphone from a loved one telling me that I'm going to have a beautiful day.
11. Ice-cream.
12. Freshly ironed and clean bedsheets.
13. Knowing that tomorrow might just be another perfect day.

This post was inspired by Thursday 13. Hope you are having YOUR perfect day. Pin It


Hootin' Anni said...

I so love this whole concept for your 13. Great idea.
Happy Thirteening!!

colleen said...

Program this list. Thoughts are the first step to making reality!

I'm a tea and hot bath girl myself.

Lucy Edson said...

That would be a wonderful day! (except for the workout) lol

Was this your day? I hope so! :)

Nicholas said...

I hope you have lots of days like that!

Thorne said...

Sounds perfectly lovely! You asked about the witches' bottles. I have full instructions at this post. Please feel free to email or comment again if you have any more questions!

Tracey said...

Simple but meaningful things make a perfect day, don't they? Hope today is one!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm so used to life being what it is, I never really thought much about perfect days. Hmmm.

I'm going to have to play with this idea some.

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