I have experienced some days when nothing on my computer works. The modem appears to work but I can't get connected to the internet. I reboot and try again. It still doesn't work. I try to edit my photos with Photoshop and the computer tells me I don't have enough memory to run the program. I clear some files. I reboot and try again. Still no luck. I try to open a Word document and it can't start the program either. NOTHING works. Argh! Technology twilight zone! I power off and go do something else.

The next day: I turn on the computer and EVERYTHING works. Guess the computer just needs a day of total disconnection. Do you have such an experience?

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theoldmasonjar said...

I, like my computer, oft need times of total disconnect. :)

AD said...

a sign or life :)
so unexpected!

Happy SS

GreenishLady said...

I've been having computer troubles, but they haven't just fixed themselves, unfortunately! The disconnection seems permanent, unless I get around to finding someone to fix it. Aaargh!

blisshappens said...

when that happens to me I accept it as the Universe's way of getting me to step away from the screen and do something else for a while! And then miraculously, later, the computer appears to have fixed itself! Happy Sunday! -Meg

TJ said...

we all need to disconnect sometimes, even our computers.

floreta said...

i hate when that happens. cute site.

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