I love giraffes

Aren't these the cutest giraffes?

This picture post was inspired by Ruby Tuesday.
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Dora said...

What a loving couple. :)

Happy RT!

Felisol said...

The giraffes are perfect for a Ruby Tuesday.
Not all red, but with shiny red some places.
And they look so happy together!
From Felisol

adrienia said...

cute .. why did you adopt them from :-)

Marie Reed said...

They are adorable! There is a whole giraffe museum in Germany! It's two stories of everything giraffe related!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Very cool!

Dianne said...

welcome to RT!!

I love giraffes too and these little toys are adorable

Ralph said...

'Adorable' is not too strong a word here. Colorful, stylish and cute they are. I think that 'happy' describes them best!

Patti said...

The giraffes are so cute and they do look like a happy pair.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

storyteller said...

Too cute! I love giraffe's too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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