How to tell your story with your photos and embellishments


Well friends, you know how I like to tell my story through my photos and embellishments, without copious amounts of journaling. And this layout is a perfect example. :)

First, a little backstory...

It was a few days before Christmas and my sister was fretting over the need to get Christmas gifts for 30 or so colleagues. She didn't want to spend a ton on gifts obviously and the things that were within her budget were a little lame. *winks* I suggested baking some cookies and giving them a thoughtful package of cookies and tea. 

Of course, this was the Thursday before Christmas *insert dramatic music* and so all the baking and packing had to be done that very night so that she could distribute them the next day. 

Then there were some know, real life drama. *lol*

1. I have the tiniest oven ever *seriously*so we can only bake a tray of 12 cookies at one time. 
2. One cookie and a tea bag seemed really miserable so we were looking at least 2 cookies per person.
3. Did I have enough tea bags? [We used up all my travel stash!]
4. How should we package them? [We used Ziplog sandwich bags which were decorated with Christmas stickers from my SRM Stickers stash.]
5.Can we get it done before my bedtime? [I need to be sleeping by 10pm because collagen production is between 10pm to 2 am...*winks*]

Evidently, we made it...since I even had time to take photos..hehehe.

While the photos do tell a bit of the story, I did have to add some fun stuff because you know I love to incorporate some form of humour, right?

Here is the closeup photo of our production line....

I did the baking, mum did the oven watching and my sister did the packaging. Yam family power! :)

I added the festive vibe by using Christmas patterned papers, washi tape and bling.

So, tell me, isn't this a fun way to tell a story? 

P/s: Happy week ahead friends!


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So fun!!!! And I want to be her co-worker next year when she decides to do this again! I loveeeeeeeeee this!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, such a fun way to tell a fun story!! And yum, those cookies look delish!! What a fabulous layout!! Love it!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Cindy deRosier said...

Definitely a fun way to tell the story! It looks great. Bummer about a tiny oven - that seriously limits things. Glad you finished in time.

Lynn said...

Well done, Yvonne! I love the story you told so well with your photos, stickers and other embellishments. Happy New Year!

Lizzyc said...

This is a wonderful way to tell a story, and your layouts always have so much to look at and also are so much fun as well!! What a great story and great photos to match!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Good golly, Girl! Sooo beautiful! LOVE the angles on this one!

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