A watercoloured eye from the art journal


I love to bring my curated case of Holbein, Schmincke and Daniel Smith watercolours with me when I travel so that I am "forced" to use them. Now, I love my watercolours but they can be a bit trying and unforgivable when you go in with a heavy hand.

I usually start with a light pencil sketch, removing most of the graphite with a kneaded eraser so that all that is left is a light guideline of my initial sketch. Yep, watercolours do not get along with graphite. Some people do enjoy letting the graphite marks show through their watercoloured pieces though. As for me, I feel that without the obvious line markings, I can still make adjustments to my initial sketch. (You may notice that the completed eye is actually smaller than my initial sketch...because I suck at sketching! *lol*)

Then I go in with a very light wash of colours (watercolours dry much much lighter than when they are wet). Once that layer is dry, I start building up my colours. This is the stage when most people give up because it looks terrible. *winks* The key is to mix your colours on your pan rather than on your paper so you have more control of the colours. And always remove some paint on a paper towel first.

Since I only brought one travel-size brush with me, I finished off the eyelashes with coloured pencils and added white highlights with a gel pen.

P/s: What about you? What art supplies do you bring when you travel?


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love!!!!!!!!!!! Usually, I just bring a notepad, so I can write down what we did each day! LOL!! I'm old, and I forget -- and when I scrap them, I want to remember!! HA!!!!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

This eye is even more impressive now that I see it in scale with your hand! Gorgeous! I usually travel with colored pencils, a sketchbook, and a pencil sharpener.

Lisa said...

That is the most amazing hand-drawn eye I've ever seen!! Wow, wow, wow!! You have perfected them!! Spectacular, my friend!! I usually don't take craft supplies with me when I travel...I wouldn't know how to narrow it down!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Shelly said...

Whoa! Absolutely STUNNING!
And I'm probably pretty boring, no supplies for me when I travel.

Lynn said...

That's fascinating that you take your supplies and do sketches while on a trip. I am usually on the go during a trip so I do a bunch of projects before I leave home and pre-post them. I love learning about how you watercolor the 'eye'because I think your painted eyes are outstanding.

Stir Your Creativity said...

Totally speechless!!! It is just fantastic.

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