18 ideas for fun family layouts

If you are new to scrapbooking or don't scrapbook very often, sometimes it can be overwhelming to think of a subject matter to scrapbook about. Why don't you steal some of my ideas for fun family layouts? *winks*

At last

1. Scrapbook the food. A family that eats together, stays let the food take centerstage on one or more of your pages. It could be a special treat or a classic that the family loves.

Why we need an umbrella indoors: the McCafe story

2. Document the place you dine at. Dining-out experiences can be scrapbook-worthy too...especially if it involves carrying an umbrella when dining in-doors at a McCafe. *winks*

Someone's got a new friend....

3. Include the milestone moments. Like when my sister got her first scooter. The fact that the photos were staged adds to the fun factor. *winks*

Fun monsters

4. Scrapbook about new "toys". Up the fun factor by incorporating super fun patterned papers to fit your theme. :)


5. Capture the self-expression moments. These are great if you have family members with dramatic self-expressions like I do...*LOL*

The one about the clay dinosaurs

6. Document the things family members make/create. Especially the kids. You know when you have a scrapbook page on the projects, those projects could get "lost" and no one would suspect "foul play"....*Evil music plays in the background*

Wet and wild in the tub

7. Include mundane activities like bath time for kids.  Disclaimer: I would like to stress on the kids' part. Adults in bathtub/shower will just be awkward in a family scrapbook album right? *LOL*

Funny story
8. Scrapbook the embarrassing stories. Like when the nephews had to wear your clothes because they dirtied theirs.

The new playground
9. Try a Before and After. Like kids before and after they hit a playground. Or a makeover perhaps.

I love hanging out with the boys!

10. Do a Now & Then. These are great to show growth for kids. And fashion choices in certain time periods.:)

Happy outtakes
11. Don't leave out the outtakes. Unless everyone looks terrible. Those photos need to be deleted pronto! *LOL*

My patterned papers talk to me
12. Scrapbook family members in their uniforms. People generally look good in a well-pressed uniform. Like nephew #1 when he got into an elite school for gifted children.

Noteworthy forever
13. Always include the "Laugh Out Loud" moments. Like when my niece S wanted to play dress-up with my wig and all the relatives had a field day laughing and taking photos...and she was happily posing for them. *winks*

On a bus adventure
14. Documents the "firsts". The first time is always magical and exciting. Especially for the kids. Like when nephew #3 and niece went on a bus excursion with me to collect my mail at the post office.

The one about the pretend sad faces
15.  Scrapbook the failed re-enactments. I must say I have the most sporting parents ever! Here they are re-enacting the sad faces that I missed capturing earlier because I was laughing so hard!

The new mixer
16. Include pages on new household appliances. love that I can whip out a scrapbook page with the exact date of when we bought the new mixer...possibly faster than the time it takes to find the warranty card. :)

Scooter buddies

17. Cover moments when family members look cute. Like my mum and sister in helmets. :)

A cute layout for Maya Road and Ruby Rock-It
18. Combine the various activities in the course of one day on a layout. An absolute time-saver. :)

There you have it. 18 ideas for fun family layouts. Will you use some of them to document your family stories?


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Lizzyc said...

Wow lots of ideas here! Should never get stuck for a layout theme ever again! Love these ideas! And fabulous layouts too!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You give the best tips and ideas! I truly LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

Great ideas! And I completely agree about the bath layouts. LOL!

Lisa said...

All of the tips are so fabulous!! And your pages are amazing!! You inspire me to scrapbook I just need to find the time!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Annette Allen said...

you have so much fun with your family.. that is awesome.
Always love your sweet layouts.

Lynn said...

I am in love with your style of scrapbooking....if only I had taken more photos of my boys. I think your use of color is your special talent. Grouping together the good photos with the out-takes is a brilliant idea...perhaps my husband hasn't erased them off the camera...???? I should get in the habit of taking multiples because I really like how you style your page with them. Thanks for being blog teacher of the year!

Audrey Pettit said...

I always love your tips posts! You are just amazing, my friend!

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