Make a Christmas Cone with Dora Dekker!

My guest for today is the very talented Dora Dekker. If you like shabby chic and vintage creations, you will absolutely love what Dora creates on a daily basis....just pure gorgeousness! Lots of soft romantic layers and pretty pretty details... You might have already seen some of her stunning creations featured on Melissa Frances and Graphic 45! :) She is sharing a tutorial on creating your own Christmas cone and offering a lovely prize to her challenge winner! :)

But first, let's sit back and enjoy a visual feast shall we? :)


First, I would like to thank Yvonne for asking me to be a guest blogger here - you are the best! I feel honored that you asked me!
My name is Dora Dekker and I live in the Netherlands. I'm 29 years old and have been scrapping for almost 3 years. I never had a hobby till I found this one. I love to use all kind of techniques, use natural products, and like to make all kind of things.Not only cards or layouts but also little projects, and love to pay a lot of attention to details.The most important part for me to even start with scrapbooking is the journaling. There are only are a few layouts with no journaling. Some people call me the queen of journaling -  it is like writing in a diary. Most of the times the journaling is filled with emotions and lessons I've learned in the past, but also the good times, the fun and smiles..so it is a real history when you see my scrapbook.
I scrapbook every day, I can't live  without it, and also love to blog. I love to see others work, and it inspires me every day, sometimes it is a technique and other times, the colors. Scrapbooking serves as a kind of medication for me take time to relax and enjoy. I have ADHD and love to be alone with my papers - it gives me peace and rest.

I have worked on a little tutorial for you - creating a cone. Perfect for Christmas..but I think it is perfect always, you can give it away or give it a nice place in your home.
And my challenge for you is to make a cone. Yvonne and I will pick the most beautiful one and that person will receive a little present. I hope you like it.

 Step 1: Draw a diagonal line down a square piece of cardstock or patterned paper.

Step 2: On the same piece of paper, draw a quarter-circle.

Step 3: Cut it out. Now you have A & B (1/8 of a circle each)

Step 4: Using the center line as a reference point, fold the sides in (A to center, B to center). You will end up with 4 panels.

Step 5: Use strong glue on one panel.

Step 6: Make some adjustments and you will see your cone taking shape.

Step 7: Make some holes for your ribbon. I gave mine a 1cm allowance from the top.

Step 8: You can use ribbon or lace.

Step 9: I fill the cone with lots of paper napkins so that the cone is sturdy and holds its shape.

Step 10: I fill the top 3 - 4cm with some decorative materials. Here I used some natural fibers.

Step 12: Use your imagination to decorate! I created a little nest and added a bird. You can also add feathers or flowers and leaves! Have fun making it! I'm curious about the results!

Here's my finished cone!


Isn't this the perfect thing to make for Christmas (or any occasion really!)? I don't know about you but I need to get myself some faux birds...;) Ready to play along? I really hope you do since this is the last guest challenge for the year. Link up your creations using InLinkz [located at the end of this post] by December 17. The winner will receive this sweet RAK courtesy of Dora...

As always, please leave a little love for my guest Dora! :)

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Blossom inch said...

what a beautiful and easy tutorial! love it, thanks for sharing!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for Dora!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that cone! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this easy beautiful project. Lovely!! and its easy!


kavitha said...

stunning creations,love it.Actually what we hav to make for the challenge exactly?

Amy said...

Wow wow wow!! beautiful! thanks for the tutorial!

~amy~ said...

woot woot for Dora!!!! She rocks the vintage...and perfect timing on the tut...I've been wanting to try making one of those cones....

BOXERGEK said...


DonnaMundinger said...

Love this! SOOOO vintage looking! thanks for the tut! xxD

Nicky said...

Your cone is amazingly beautiful Dora! Thank you so mucht for the inspiration AND the link to Yvonne! There is no such thing as coincidence, I put together a cone just yesterday! Looking forward to see some more!

Lynnda said...

WOW...such a gorgeous and brilliant project....Thanks Dora for sharing... I might as well try this one... its a good chrissy pressie... xoxo

Smita said...

This is such a gorgeous tutorial, Dora. I'm hoping to try it soon.


scrapdictive said...

This is a true beauty and... a very understandlebe tutorial. Thank you so much for that.

See you around!

Jolanda xxx

scrapsnsuch@gmail.com said...

Oooo this is beautiful! Can't wait to see what everyone creates - especially you Yvonne!

Nathalie said...

Great challenge! I have something in mind and I hope to finish before the deadline!

Cassie said...

This is so gorgeous!!!
I linked mine...it is not so shabby and not so chic but it is bright and colorful!!!

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