Dear Blogger team

I have been blogging for 7 months now and was just wondering if you could maybe help me out ...
1. Any chance of reducing spamming such that word verification would be a totally unnecessary function?
2. Any possibility that you can prompt when someone's trying to leave a nasty comment...something along the lines of..."Hey, that's not very nice!"...then we won't need comment moderation and approval...?
3. Any chance that URLs are automatically linked so that we don't have to do html coding when leaving a simple direct link to our post?
4. Any chance of working out all the existing bugs in the current widgets instead of adding new widgets?
5. Is it possible to click on a commenter's name and be brought immediately to their last blog post instead of having to go to the user profile?
6. Can we have a lot less down time?
7. Can you tell me why my comments sometimes disappear into a mysterious black hole when I am in the middle of writing one?
8. Can I get the awesome post I wrote yesterday that I intended to post today that *gasp* is no longer in my drafts folder? Why? Why? Why?
9. Why do I have to constantly clear my cache & cookies before I can load pictures?
10.Why do IE users always get an error message?
11. Why doesn't anybody from Google blogger respond to my queries? Hey, I need help!
12. Why can't I leave a comment on a blog?
13. Should I switch to a different platform?

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Unknown said...

Amen, Sista! lol

Happy T13!

Betty said...

LOL! I use a different commenting system, check out, and I use Windows Live Writer as a blogging platform. Sooooo convenient! I've got dozens of blogs so it's easy to switch between them, and uploading pictures are so easy because you can just copy and paste.

Hope it helps! =)

Trotter said...

Hi Yvonne!
Hope Betty is right, as I can't help... :-(

Meanwhile Blogtrotter has some more Rural Iceland before the Blue Lagoon. Enjoy and have a fabulous week!

Americanising Desi said...

oh rock on!

number 5 i also want!
my my!
i m impressed with this.
i hope blogger pays heed.

dont they have a suggestion email add?

Truly Trying Thursday

Archana said...

How funny, I just bumped into your blog via another - who also had their Thursday 13 posted up. Random. :)

And IE users will forever get error msgs. I used to only use IE and then once I made the switch-over to FireFox, I never turned back.

cindy said...

windows live writer is great, and you can keep your existing blog! :)

i tried using wordpress once, but it is very hard to customize it to be what you want...just more confusing overall. blogger is definitely easier!

Mia Celeste said...

Lots of things to ponder in this blogging business. LOL.

Maggi said...

I'm with you on number 5 for sure!

My Busy Life said...

I think your list is pretty dead on. I hate word verification too and would love to know how to bypass that. I am up too:

laterg8r said...

i don't have word verification on AND i allow for anonymous comments and i have never once got any spam (or nasty comments).

i wish blogger would help you out!

Drama Queen said...

wordpress sucks take my word for it!

Unknown said...

Yay for this Yvonne...totally fabulous what you wrote...Love this!
And I'm so with you here!!

storyteller said...

Excellent questions! I've discovered ways around some of these issues (through trial and error) but find #7 most frustrating! I have experimented with Word Press but find myself staying with Blogger because it's MUCH easier to use ... and after all FREE is good ;--)

I've shared T-13s at Sacred Ruminations and Happily Retired Gal this week ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Calico Crazy said...

In the past I've used a self-hosted wordpress and a self-hosted .NET based blog engine. When I came back to blogging I decided to start here just because it is easiest; but someday I will get sick of blogging at bloggers mercy and I will go back to self hosting.

kandyblossom said...


Happy TT

jillconyers said...

Interesting questions. Always looking for blogging tips.

Unknown said...

i hear you sister!

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