20 ideas for scrapbooking photos of children....

Ahhh...childhood. Fun times. Where play is work. And every new experience is magical. :) Why not capture those magical moments in your scrapbooks. Here are 20 ideas for scrapbooking photos of children.... [the children featured in the layouts are my niece and nephews.]

On a bus adventure
1. First experiences.

For kids, anything that is new to them is an adventure. Like this short trip on the bus with me to collect a parcel at the post office on a Saturday morning.

Learning to love my sewing machine
2. Snapshots on a morning walk.

Nobody wants to be cooped up at home. Kids are happy when they are out basking in the sunlight and looking at pretty things.

The story about my niece in my wig
3. "Dress-up" moments.

Nothing like cute kids in "costumes" or other "dressed-up" moments. I particularly enjoy dressing up my niece because she thinks everything I own is beautiful...[yes, she has discerning taste at age 3! *winks*].

Saturday photo love
4. Consecutive shots.

The kids don't really like me to point the camera and ask them to pose. So I keep photo sessions short and take quick shots in succession...and hope for the best..*winks*

This is real life
5. Scrapbook about them doing something.

The kids were all colouring here and I called out their names for an impromptu shot.

Meet the master of disguise

6. Don't forget about those cute facial expressions.

Little kids aren't very good at articulating how they feel about things but they will show them in micro facial expressions....check out my niece's face in a span of 30 seconds!

Great outdoors
7. Make regular activities more "exciting".

We brought their toy rats out for a "walk" and got really fabulous photos.

Never a dull moment
8. Sweet moments between siblings.

This was a period when littlest nephew and niece were really close and did everything together. He was very protective of her. [Now he just finds her a little irritating...*LOL*]

Happy little miss sunshine
9. Capture stories about them with their toys.

Kids can be so cute playing with their toys. Especially when they role-play and "talk" to their toys.

Finally a decent photo of the nephews
10. Scrapbook the Before and After pics.

Always reward kids with "free play" that you will always get some good shots...while the "free play" shots really show the kids' personalities.

Do you have a whinery at home?
11. Scrapbook photos of them wearing their school uniforms.

I think it would be nice for them to flip through their scrapbook albums and have fond memories of school days. :)

We are family
12. Scrapbook candid moments...especially when they are having fun.

Here the two of them were just having a little fun before going down for an afternoon nap.

Bandage buddies
13. Scrapbook about the boo boos.

Here the two were "attacked" by mosquitos and we didn't want them to scratch at the bites so they were bandaged up...err...everywhere! *LOL*

Their eyeballs pop out
14. Document the presents they love.

The nephews really LOVED the Angry Birds watches I got them from a trip to Kuala Lumpur. They loved that a squeeze of the bird would make the eyes bulge out....and it entertained them tremendously. Those are some really happy smiles on their faces.

The watches didn't last very long [they are boys after all] but I love that this moment was documented. :)


15. Scrapbook about their "modes of transport".

Little kids on bikes and cars are just too adorable not to document. So do it. Because they tend to "outgrow" them rather quickly. My niece used to love playing on her "vehicle" for hours. Now it's like 5 minutes and she's bored. *LOL*

A whimsical scene
16. Scrapbook about a little "outdoor" adventure.

Or somewhere you bring them to occasionally as a treat. For me, it's the fish farm. Which we go to only if I need to buy fishes for my tank. The boys LOVE helping me choose fishes. And just watching the different fishes swim in the tanks.

A crazy Saturday
17. The fun "wefie" moments deserve a page in the family album.

Use the mirror function on your mobile and take some fun shots. This entertained them for a good hour! :)

The real photoshoot
18. Scrapbook about them at their fave playground.

I always always always take pics of the Gangster Gang at the playground because running around makes them happy and I get GREAT photos!

The story about the cable car ride
19. Document a whole day's adventure in a collage.
My sister and I brought the Gangster Gang on their first cable car ride and it was really fun to see how the kids behaved in front of Aunt E whom they are afraid of...[oh yes, they just love me, not my sister...hehe].

Grandma's barber shop
20. Scrapbook about regular activities with grandparents. 

The nephews get rewarded with $1 after a visit to grandma's barber shop. Who wouldn't want to get paid for a haircut right? *winks*

There you have it. 20 ideas for scrapbooking photos of children! What do you think?


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Lizzy Hill said...

This was such a blast looking back at some of my fave LOs & also some I'd forgotten or not seen....AND what a wonderful post! I kept going 'tick'....oooh! MUST do that one as I went along - thinking of the grandboy, of course! So THANK YOU for sharing this one:):)

Audrey Pettit said...

Such an awesome post, Yvonne! I always love getting to see a bunch of your work all together. So much eye candy, and you always have such great tips. Your ideas for photographing kids are brilliant. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are sooooooooooo good at capturing every day moments with your niece and nephews!! I loveeeeeee these ideas!!!!!!

paperpapier said...

these are great tips! I pinned it on my pinterest board.

Thank you so much for sharing!


Lisa said...

I just love looking at your scrapbook pages!! Your details and designs are always eye-catching and fabulous!! And your models could not be cuter!! Amazing tips!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Annette Allen said...

you are such an amazing scrapbooker.. these are all incredible and oh so cute

lavina agarwal said...

Wowwie loved seeing so many of your wonderful layouts at one go! Some amazing ideas to capture the moments with reminded me of so many photos ofy little one that I have to scrap about and so many more to click ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW all these are fantastic!!! These kids are lucky to have an Aunt who makes awesome layouts for them!

Jinny Newlin said...

Such great tips, Yvonne, and beautiful, textural pages! TFS!

TesaB said...

Wow! I'm always amazed by your layouts, and seeing them together like this doubles the wow factor. What a treasure you create for them!!!

Heather McMahon said...

Oh my goodness - you have the luckiest nieces and nephews ever! They will be able to look back on your amazing layouts later. Such fantastic work!

Caz said...

Your layouts are so much fun!! They all scream happy to me :-D I have about a million photos, scrapbooking is something I should really get in to!!

Tone-Lill said...

OMGosh...this is soooooo fun and cleverly done. It is great to see some of my old favourites and to see some I have missed out on.... They all are such a great pages in it self so I find it hard to choose a favoutite amongst them.
Thanks for sharing your fab collections of great photos and LOs x

Lynn said...

I think you are a fabulous scrapbook maker and auntie. I love your layouts and riot of colors. I also love your niece and nephews. Can I adopt them and do they come with the scrapbook? This is a precious and informative post. Thank you for being a great blogging friend!

dstandard said...

WOW WOW WOW! What an amazing set of layouts! Your niece and newphews are adorable and your pages just vibrate with color! Love each and every one!

Radhika said...

Wow!! So much fun..lovely post.. you take great shots and you have great collection of sweet memories ..i always love the pics and story behind the pics.. :D

Unknown said...

You are seriously a master at creating fun ,vibrant layouts.I love that in spite of so much colour and details,the focus is still on the pictures . Of course having such adorable kids as your subject matter, the layouts are bound to look lovely.Great tips too.Thanks for sharing.

Deepti said...

What an inspiration overload :) Love this post !

Cindy deRosier said...

Fabulous pages - so much inspiration!

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